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Download Teen Patti Gold Apk -Best Teen Patti Game in India 2024

teen patti gold apk

Teen Patti Gold APK Download | Sign-up Bonus Rs.30 | Redeem Rs-100

Teen Patti Gold APK:- Today, you will provide comprehensive knowledge about one of the most useful Teen Patti Apps, namely Teen Patti Gold Apk. If you are having trouble using this application, reading this article can be very helpful. This is because, within this article, we have described every step involved in using this application; Therefore, with the help of this article, you will find that it is straightforward to bring this application into use.

About Teen Pati Gold Apk

teen patti gold apk

teen patti gold apk

Teen Patti Gold;

App NameTeen Patti Gold
Game TypeCasino Rummy APP
Sign-up BonusRs-30
Total Game28
DownloadClick Here

Like friends, you will also be able to see the important programs present in this application in the info table given above, and apart from this, there are many good programs also available in Teen Patti Gold, to know about this you will have to complete this article. Only after reading this, you will be able to know more about this application.

How to Get a Bonus ₹30 in Teen Patti Gold APK?

To receive the bonus you have to create an account inside this application. After you create an account, this company will give you a sign-up bonus of ₹30. There are many games available in this application. You can also participate in games and earn from them. So you download this application, create an account, and take advantage of its games.

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How to Sign-Up in Teen Patti Gold Apk?

teen patti gold apk

If you create an account in this application then you get a chance to get a bonus ranging from ₹30 to ₹1,500. To receive this bonus, you must create an account in this application, if you have any difficulties in doing so, you can follow the steps explained in the following paragraphs.

  1. First of all, you have to download this app and install it on your Smartphone.
  2. After opening it, you will go to the Home Page and then click on Profile.
  3. After that, click on the Bind button, fill in the given details, and confirm.
  4. By creating your account inside this application, you will get Rs.60.

teen patti gold apk

Supported Games in Teen Patti Gold Apk

teen patti gold apk

As you can see in the table above, we have informed you that a total of 25 different types of games are found in the Teen Patti Gold APK. These games allow you to specialize in a variety of gaming styles. If you are interested in knowing more about it, check out the following list.

  • Teen Patti
  • Point Rummy
  • Andar Bahar
  • crash
  • Car Roulette
  • Jhandi Munda
  • Dragon vs Tiger
  • 7 Up Down
  • Hours Racing
  • slots
  • Red vs Black
  • Explorer Slots
  • Golden India
  • Bikini Paradise
  • Cricket Heroes
  • 3 Patti War
  • Baccarat AB
  • Wingo Lottery
  • zandu
  • Muflis Teen Patti
  • PotBlind
  • AK 47 Teen Patti
  • Fishing War
  • Candy Party

Note:- Friends, all the above-mentioned games involve financial risk. Therefore, some of these sports or investments can cause your loss. Before investing your money, keep in mind that this risk can harm you. So, be careful, act thoughtfully, and take your investment decisions wisely.

teen patti gold apk

How to Refer in Teen Patti Gold Apk?

teen patti gold apk

If you ask how to earn the most money in this application, the answer will be the “Refer & Earn” program. Here you will find the best referral program that can help you earn. Many people are earning money daily unlimitedly in this application and you can also earn money through this program if you share this application with your friends or family members.

  1. To refer, first click on the ‘Refer & Earn’ button located on the homepage.
  2. You then click on the ‘Share’ button to copy the referral link and share it with your friends.
  3. And if you want to get your commission then click on the Claim button.
  4. To get a Weekly Bonus in this, click on the Weekly option.
  5. To get a Progress Bonus, click on the Progress option and get it.

teen patti gold apk

How to Earn Money from Teen Patti Gold APP?

Friends, if you are curious about how to earn money using this application, we will inform you that there are many ways to do so apart from the option of playing games. Very good software has been provided to earn money by playing. For this, 25 games have been included. There is also an option to earn money by referring your friends. You can claim ₹ 200 cash free. Loss of money in Golak Bonus box. , you can claim up to ₹ 100 at the rate of 10%.

Add Cash Program in Teen Patti Gold?

teen patti gold apk

If you want to add money to this application, it is quite easy to do so. Still, you can add at least 11 to do this because the programs inside this application are easy. You can add a minimum of ₹11 using this, so if you want to add your money, do the following.

  1. After clicking on the button with Add Cash, you have to select the amount as per your wish.
  2. After this click on the option with Add Cash, after clicking on the button with Add Cash,
  3. Under his guise, you will come to a new page,
  4. On which you will see all the methods of payment, pay with any payment method
  5. Your Add Cash amount gets added to your game account as soon as the payment is successful.

VIP Program in Teen Patti Gold App?

teen patti gold apk

If you want to know more about VIP Program, then through this paragraph you will be able to know about it. VIP Program is a type of program that is based on a Daily Bonus and weekly Bonus is given in any Rummy & Teen Patti Application. Apart from Bonus or Monthly Bonus, it presents many different bonus programs and provides you a great opportunity to get it, with the help of which you can get a VIP bonus. Which is given in the Teen Patti Gold Game.

  1. Within this, you will get an opportunity to get the Daily Bonus program one day, under which you will be able to get a fixed amount every day under this program, which is available only in the VIP Bonus program.
  2. You are given a Weekly Bonus program in which you can get the bonus generated within 1 week, for which you have to go above VIP level 2.
  3. You are given a 1-month bonus program, which comes under VIP Bonus only, and you can receive this bonus only once in 1 month.
  4. Inside this VIP bonus, there is also a program called Level Bonus, under which whenever you upgrade your level, you will get this bonus, which you can get from here.

teen patti gold apk

How to Redeem Cash in Teen Patti Gold?

teen patti gold apk

If you people want to send your money to your account inside this Teen Patti Gold APK, that is, if you people want to withdraw your money, then a very good program has been given in it under which you people can withdraw the money present in it. If you transfer the balance then you can withdraw it by completing ₹ 100, the details are as follows.

  1. First of all, click on the Redeem button on the home page.
  2. After that add your bank account information.
  3. Then enter your withdrawal amount in the amount box and click on Redeem.
  4. Due to this your withdrawal will be successful.


Q.1. How much is the Sign-Up Bonus in Teen Patti Gold?

Ans: Get down. On creating an account in this, you get a bonus of Rs.30-1500.

Q.2. How many rupees Minimum redeemed has been given inside Teen Patti Gold?

Ans: Get down. To redeem this, you have been given a minimum withdrawal of Rs.100 for the first time and Rs.500 thereafter.

Q.3. How many types of games are available inside Gold Teen Patti?

Ans: Get down. Now after the new update, 25 different types of games have been supported in this application.

Q.4. How much money can be added to Teen Patti Gold?

Ans: Get down. You guys are given at least Add Cash of ₹ 100 in this application, which you can use very easily. But please do not lose money by adding money to it.

teen patti gold apk

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teen patti gold apk

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